Lewonde Summer Tote Bag Review/Video

In taking care of an infant and toddle you always need durable bags that will last you on several trips in different locations. When we saw the Lewonde Summer Tote bag we knew right away that this was something worth giving a try. Once we received our bag we opened the box and got right to trying it out.  We expected this product to be able to withstand our items along with an infants and toddlers items. We loved the product so much we even decided to do a video review on it. 
The product was very easy to use, we didn't have any complaints about the bag. It was large enough to carry almost everything we need. It was very easy to carry, the straps didn't cut in our shoulders. We especially loved the cooler area to store out lunch and cold drinks. 
We personally used the product to go to the park but, we plan on using the product for other things. Road trips, beach trips, mall trips, etc. I think that it's amazing that this product is to be used for the beach but we found multiple ways that this product could be useful. Karminity definitely recommends the product for all of our viewers. This product is so versatile that it could be used by anyone in some many different ways. 

To purchase your own Lewonde Summer Tote Bag 
Click the Link below:

LEWONDE Mesh Beach Bag with Cooler – Lightweight and Foldable Beach Tote

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Precious Mammaries Bubble Necklace Review

I was introduced to breastmilk jewelry through Instagram and decided to reach out to the owner of Precious Mammaries. Through my trials and triumphs of breastfeeding, having a keepsake to remind me every day of how precious and beautiful breastmilk and the act of breastfeeding is....

Some of you already know what breast milk jewelry is, while some of you are just as curious as I was when I was just finding out about it, last year. If you have ever breastfed, you know how much of a journey breastfeeding is. This piece of jewelry is a great way to pay homage to everything you've endured while breastfeeding.

We honor all mothers and mother figures, no matter how they choose to feed their children, whether through formula, wet-nursing, milk donations... etc. Every parent's bond with their children is special, which is why Precious Mammaries offers many keepsake options to be included in their jewelry and soaps like locks of hair, placenta, umbilical cord, and even ashes.

"Breast milk jewelry is for mothers who value their breastfeeding journey, whether they are currently nursing or pumping or about to wean."
                                                             -Precious Mammaries

Amiya + Aidyn 

 Bubble Necklace

Hey everyone! It's Amiya, one of the Karminity mothers on our blog. If you all have read my other post, you'll know that I have a little boy named Aidyn and he was born August of 2018. Directly after I gave birth to him, he was laid on my chest and my mom prompted me to try and breastfeed him. With my weak and achy arms I put his mouth by my nipple and he latched on right away. I wished it was that easy for the following days, as I struggled to get him to latch on. I tried sooo many different ways and even had the lactation consultant try and help. Of course, he latched on when the lactation consultant or my mom would put him on my breast but as soon as they left, it continued to prove to be a difficult task for me. Eventually, I would grasp the concept of him latching on but I would be faced with new challenges such as milk supply and raw, chaffing nipples.

Through all the lows of breastfeeding, am I able to appreciate the opportunity that much more. Every doctors appointment, I acknowledge how much Aidyn grows and how healthy he is. Having this necklace from Precious Mammaries DOES pay homage to the journey of breastfeeding, all the highs, all the lows, and all in between. The biggest way I bond with Aidyn is through breastfeeding and when it is time for him to wean, it'll be a sad experience (probably for just me as Aidyn will be more than delighted to eat more solid foods).

This necklace will always hold the personal experiences shared between me and my baby. If I chose to have more kids, then I would look forward to purchasing more of Precious Mammaries jewelry to honor every venture with each child. A ring for my next child. A bracelet for the next. Earrings for the next.

The piece of jewelry I chose from Precious Mammaries website is the Bubble Necklace. I placed my order on the website and followed the instruction on how I would send my breast milk.

It was an easy and quick process. I received the jewelry back in the mail and the packaging was beautiful (view jewelry unboxing in the video below). The necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! A sterling silver pendant and the breast milk I sent it inside with an 18" stainless steel chain. To make the necklace even more personal, I added orange and blue dried flower to represent my favorite colors. These also happen to be the the colors of Aidyn's nursery. On the back of the necklace, I was offered the additional step of adding Aidyn's initials engraved.

I hadn't known of breast milk jewelry before finding out about it December of last year and after receiving my very own jewelry piece. I am very proud of everything I went through and to have this keepsake necklace to commemorate my breastfeeding journey and experiences even when he weans.

Even for mothers and parents who no longer breastfeed or have chosen not to breastfeed, or are well past the years of breastfeeding, Precious Mammaries has taken special care not to exclude them either. I appreciate this so much, especially since Karminity is a firm believer and supporter of mother and parent choice on the best option to feed THEIR young ones. Our choice, is not everyone's choice and we fully support parenting choices to formula feed, breastfeed, wet-nurse, donation milk, supplemental feeding, early weaning, late weaning or whatever option you choose for YOUR child. Precious Mammaries is aware of their audience and customer, so as a company that supports DNA keepsakes, they offer the opportunity to add in placenta, locks of hair, or even ashes to their product. If you do not see something listed on their site, the owner is so easy to get in touch with and totally responsive to their customers, you can contact them directly to make a request. Karminity blog is very appreciative of being able to review two styles of necklaces from Precious Mammaries. You can also check out @ambthegoddess review on the Classic Drop Breast milk necklace here.

You can see our VIDEO review of Precious Mammaries below. We hope you ENJOY!

About Precious Mammaries:
Image result for precious mammaries
"Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from your DNA. Depending on what you choose to use-whether it be breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes, or a combo, we can use these in our jewelry making to bring you the most unique keepsake you will ever own."

 Precious Mammaries was the dream of owner Rachel Le' Char after becoming pregnant with her baby girl, when she began to have aspirations of jewelry making. Because of her love of all things natural and through her own personal breastfeeding journeys, she was inspired to want to use organic materials and help capture the short-range experience of breastfeeding for every mother.

From Rachel: "This unique feeling of oneness with our babies by being their sole food source sadly doesn’t last forever. It’s my hope that these Precious Mammaries will stay with us with breast milk keepsakes made especially from our own milk."

Precious Mammaries is Made in the USA and Ships Worldwide.

Visit Precious Mammaries on their Social Media Sites below 
Instagram:   @yourbreastmilk 
Twitter:       @yourbreastmilk
Facebook:   @yourbreastmilk

Get Your Own Personal Breastmilk Jewelry at Precious Mammaries

We have the honor of offering Karminity readers a coupon code! You can also enjoy 10% off of your purchase, by using our special coupon code below on Precious Mammaries' site:

Coupon Code: "Karminity"

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Love Me, Crazy Book Review

Book: Love Me Crazy
Author: Laura Burton
Type: Kindle eBook edition

             I want to first thank the author Laura Burton for giving me the opportunity to read her book Love Me, Crazy. As stated on the book cover, it is DEFINITELY a love story to die for. Throughout the book I almost couldn't contain my emotions! I cried and I laughed. I was shocked and dismayed and also fell in love. The characters were interesting and easy to follow. I could relate to them and what was happening in their lives. Love Me, Crazy was so hard to put down it took me all of ONE DAY to finish the book completely. I'll definitely will be getting a personal copy of the Love Me, Crazy to have on my own bookshelf.

Now lets actually get into the juicy details. I was so shocked in the beginning. I was on that emotional roller coaster with Dee when she was stuck between two guys she wanted but she happened to want Mr  "Blue Eyes" more. She had a connection with him that was unexplainable but I believe every woman has been through in her life. As a reader I couldn't not connect with Dee. You know how you find that perfect show, that you can just see yourself and your life in. It was that way with the Novel

I don't want to give to many details on Love Me, Crazy but True love is a force to be reckon with. So when you find it, you know.

If you are into Romantic roller coaster novels. I really think you should go ahead and order your copy of Love Me, Crazy by Laura Burton. I'll add the link above to the picture and you can get yourself a copy. I swear to you, you'll be on an emotional roller coaster yourself.

About the Love Me Crazy Book: 

School teacher Audrey … is a young, innocent romantic looking for Mr Right. A chance encounter with the charmingly charismatic Tom AND the handsome and brooding Jack on the same day suddenly leaves her seemingly spoilt for choice.

But then a single kiss turns a pleasing quandary into a troubling dilemma. As her feelings for the two men begin to grow, it becomes clear that one of them is not quite what they appear and love quickly turns to obsession. Can she see the truth before it is too late?

This exciting romantic thriller will take you on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, but will Audrey find the one, or will love be the death of her?


This is a clean, easy-to-read romantic novella based in the beautiful city Bristol, UK. It is for anyone wanting to curl up on the sofa and get stuck into a love story like no other! With twists and turns at every corner, you'll struggle to put it down.

First part of the "Love Me," Series, which is a collection of clean, romantic fiction for adults.

P.S: I spoke with the author personally and she is AMAZING. She replied back to me as soon as I message her and she is so friendly. Thank you again Laura. It was a great read.

If you read happen to purchase a copy of Love Me, Crazy or you've already read it we would love to hear your views. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


6 Holiday Gifts for New Moms

As new moms, we enjoyed the mass amount of baby gifts we get, in celebration of our upcoming baby's birth or children that are already born. It is as though the kids have not only taken over our lives but our holidays too! Is it selfish to want a personal gift as the people who do the majority of the work, while the child is only baking? It’s easy for people to get more excited about the actual baby than the celebration with the people who made the baby. While we love the gifts that we receive for our children, it would be unexpected and very much appreciated to get a personal “mommy gift” as well.

What type of “mom” gift would we enjoy? Sometimes that's the hardest question. What does a new mom need? EVERYTHING! LOL! Seriously, anything that will make our job as mothers just a tad bit easier. Especially products that are unique and honor her as a mother is a winning and appreciated gift. Not pertaining to the baby of course, but something that we can call our own. Below is a list we compiled of a few items that'll make great gifts for new mothers. Be sure to click the names of the items to view the actual websites.

Breast Milk Jewelry

I had only heard about breastmilk jewelry a month ago, but I am so glad I did. I wasn’t aware of how left out of the loop I was, because the jewelry is becoming more and more popular.  This is such a unique and personal gift to give to someone and is a perfect gift for any holiday, anniversary, birthday, and more. It is unique because it uses your personal breastmilk to create the jewelry, so no two stones are the same. Precious Mammaries has multiple forms of breastmilk jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, and necklaces. The up-keep for this jewelry is very easy and the jewelry will last a while, so it’s something special to hold on to for a long time. Even if you're not a breastfeeding mother, you can also request other things be added to the jewelry to make it even more personal (engravings, dried flowers, gravel, sea shells, locks of hair, and sooo much more). This is such an amazing gift to give so, if you know a new mom that loves jewelry, she will love this personal style necklace.

Check out the website and use the coupon code 'karminity' for 10% off!

Breast Milk Soap

To continue with the breast milk idea for breastfeeding mothers, a great and personal gift would be breast milk soap. Since becoming a new mom, all I do is research things that are beneficial and harmful for my baby and me. When you do research on how many benefits breast milk has, you will be just as shocked as I was. They do call it liquid gold for a reason. Clearing acne, eczema, scrapes/cuts, sore and chaffed nipples, just to name a few. Breast milk mixed with the other essential oils added to this bar of soap makes this a healthier alternative. When compared to a lot of the bigger brand soap companies' ingredients, you'll understand the necessity to choose this healthier route. You also have the option of adding honey, oats, or both. The soap comes in multiple designs that are so pretty, you might not even want to use the soap, but keep it on display for everyone to see. Precious Mammaries offers this vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free soap as a perfect healthy gift for new mothers.

Carved Beeswax Candles

More carving ideas include beeswax candles that would be the perfect gift for a new mom. For the moms who are concerned about burning unknown chemicals around their house, this is a much healthier option. Beeswax candles are 100% natural and actual cleanses the air rather than putting toxins that pollute the air, instead. These beeswax candles take a much longer time to burn so they last much longer than the candles containing paraffin. The designs on the candles are so pretty that they could be used as decorations instead of burning them. This is such a subtle gift for new mothers but it benefits everyone in the household with its beautiful smelling fumes and creating healthier breathing air.

Spa Day

There is an extreme adjustment period after having a baby! If this is a first baby, any new mom has to take on the responsibility of an entire new life while managing her own. In my experience,  I'm no longer able to always put myself first. Don't get me wrong though! Prioritizing my baby makes me feel important. I feel like I have purpose, but it can become easy to lack on personal hygiene. I fail to complete my morning or night routine sometimes. I've definitely been struggling to keep my confidence up. It's all worth it when I remember the reason. Trying to be supermom all the time results in devoting most of my time to the little one. Even with a lot of deep breathing and stretching, I get SO stressed out. It gets to the point where I know I am building up too much stress, so I start stressing on how to relax! I bet any new mom can relate and would go bananas over a spa day! Groupon always has great deals on spas. You can even print off the confirmation so you don't miss out on gift wrap! If you don't want to tag along to a beautiful day of chill, try throwing in a cute handmade Free Babysitter coupon. A spa day is like gifting a little zen back to a new mommy.

Amazon Echo Dot

Let's be real; this would be an awesome gift for pretty much anybody! Imagine a personal assistant and a best friend that fits in the palm of your hand! The beauty of the Amazon Echo Dot is that it doesn't even need your hands! My hands are constantly occupied by my baby! She loves being held all day, every day! There's a good chance any new mommy would agree there is countless times throughout the day they need an extra hand. A quick "Hey Alexa, play white noise!" or "Hey Alexa, add diapers to my shopping list!" can really make the day go by easier. Alexa will get the job done. There are so many things you can ask her to do! This gift is super affordable in my opinion! Just make sure the recipient has a device that can download the Alexa app. As a new mom, I would jump at the chance to buy an extra hand, but the Amazon Echo Dot is the next best thing!

Crock Pot

The importance of getting all the necessary nutrients for a baby does not stop when the baby is born! Unless a mom chooses formula or is unable to breastfeed, the baby gets every single thing mom eats through the breast milk! The baby is depending on mommy to eat everything they need. Even if the baby drinks formula, the family can't starve and probably can't afford take-out every day! Once I became a mother, I found out instantly that I can't just pop up and cook whenever I want! Nap time and carriers only help but so much, A slow cooker is wonderful for bringing all the components of a meal together without the attention needed for multiple pots and pans! It is absolutely perfect for soup season and all other sorts of meals. (Side note: I think every season is soup season LOL.) So if mom can't take the heat, don't tell her to get out of the kitchen, get her a Crock Pot!

-Post by @ambthegoddess

The Ultimate Makeup Giveaway- Closed!

Living an organic and natural life can make using everyday products incredibly difficult. You find something you love, only to realize that it has ingredients that have known side effects that are, in some cases, dangerous. Or maybe you find a great organic beauty product, only to have it pulled from the shelves at your favorite store.
We love the choices that Makeover Essentials offers in products to their customers.

Makeover Essentials believes in "QUALITY FIRST"

Makeover Essentials goes beyond most brands by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to assure every product not only meets regulatory requirement, but are intensely tested to assure they are safe, hypoallergenic and are the best quality available for your body and skin applications. Testing is done by the best labs in the world’ labs that are approved by the USA Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  Karminity is super excited to bring our readers an opportunity to win a great prize from Makeover Essentials! 
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'Fashion Nova' Jeune Collette Summit Style Choker (Lead and Nickel Compliant) 

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How To Win? 
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Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.
Please note: None of the entries on the entry form are required. The entry participants acknowledge that they are entering a giveaway, at their own will and discretion, and may exercise their right to refuse to enter the contest by not participating in the contest or entering the form. Each entry is merely to increase the chances of winning, said above prize, and are not mandatory.

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5 Year Natural Hair Journey

You usually don't see the hair growth until you look back on all your pictures from when you FIRST started your hair journey until NOW. I'll be taking you on my Journey with me From cutting my LOCS to having NATURAL HAIR. 

A little back story: I had locs since I was 5. I cut them when I turned 12. I moved to South Carolina and I didn't know how to do hair so I got them back when I was 13. I cut them again in 2013 right before I graduated High School (Wasn't the best decision to make and I didn't know how to do hair). 

I'm not going to make this all long and drawn out because the pictures will explain it for you. I'll just let you know what year it was and what the hairstyle was. If that's okay with you all? I hope so because I'm doing it anyways. 

Little Me- I can't really remember the year but Those are my locs! 

2013- I had no clue what to do with my hair, until I started watching Youtube. You will see the  progress 
How I wore my hair most of the time. It was so dry
As you can see in picture #2 this was my go to style

Then I saw a video and decided to try a frohawk, still 2013 
Fro Hawk #1 
Fro Hawk #2


Wash & Go with flat twist (I thought I was cute) 

Wash and go without flat twist

 2015:  I was experimenting more with my hair. I was trying different styles now.

Flexi Rod Mohawk style My First time doing one 

Twist Out

Yes it's real! My Fro! 

You'll see a lot of braids here this was my got to style 

A twisted crochet using kanekelon hair

Just another picture of the crochet

2016: I was a little more experienced here. I was doing more styles, loving my natural hair

Sleek Bun With some side curlz

Wash a go. I pick it way out. Only got to wear it for a day 

Neat Wash & Go

Loved this style. Laid my hair underneath
and did this scraf style I saw a friend of mines do

Messy Bun

I took out some braids I did and this was my hair 

Twist out I did

 2017: I was doing it up last year. I really fell in love with my hair. I loved doing it, I was happy. I was maintaining it so well this year.

Chunky Twist Out

Straightened it after a really long time

Wash & Go. My Curlz was Poppin

The shrinkage was real but next day
Wash & Go

Fro Hawk Wash & Go

Braid & Bun

Box braids

Twist out with some added Accesories

Twist out into a Flat twist

Flat Twist Double puff

Add caption

Curl my hair after I straightened it

Braided Style

Kind of A Wash & Go

Next day Kind of Wash & Go

Wash and Go all dried.

 2018:  This year I just did basic styles with my hair but it's at it's longest length so far and I want it to just keep getting longer.

I started trying wigs out. Then I
added a scraf on top

My little sister did my braids
for me (Shout to Atia) 

Double Puffs on Freshly washed hair

Bun with Accessories
Passion Twist

Passion Twist #2

Double Buns! 

 Thank you for viewing my 5 Year Natural Hair Journey. Please don't hesitate to comment below. I love reading them. Look out for the Video on Youtube. Subsrcribe @karminityblog

Check Out My Social Media Account for more pictures!