But Did You Hear His Speech Tho?

But Did You Hear His Speech Tho?

by @ambthegoddess

First of all, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Every single memory that flashes in my mind when I hear this name isn't always happy, but today we choose to celebrate. We may never be able to repay him or the other courageous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement for their contribution to this nation. We can, however, fight to keep their legacies alive. It's the very least we can do for Dr. King, considering he put his life on the line. A life that should have been taken by nature, but instead it was taken in murder. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only light can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s story was worked in our academia and the media throughout our whole lives. We know the main facts already right?  I'm not about to write a biography here, but I feel like other people can relate when I say I never heard any of his speeches. (If I did listen to a speech in school I have absolutely no recollection what so ever.) I would have given myself a pass as a child, but now that I am older, I feel I have a duty to this passion. My passion for fighting for the people, oppressed people specifically. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most famous fighters for the oppressed in history. His I Have A Dream speech is arguably the most famous speech ever, and I never even took the time to listen. So instead of just making a social media post with one of his famous quotes (which I actually love because they are timelessly inspiring), I committed to listening to the whole speech today. I know it's not a whole lot, but it is more than I have ever done using my own initiative. 

So before I even ate breakfast, I googled the speech and let it roar through the kitchen as I prepared my meal. When I say roar, I mean nothing to do with volume. Although demanding, confident, and assertive, Dr. King's voice was not screaming. I am talking about the roar with the magnitude of the meaning behind the words. The YouTube video was less than twenty minutes! I thought to myself, SERIOUSLY! I couldn't take less than twenty minutes out of one day for this before? I could have played this in my car for a twenty-minute drive. Let's be real, so can a lot of other people. So I challenge any moral human being reading this post to play his speech (or even read it) who have not done so already. No shade to those who are not interested. I am in no way saying you don't have morals if you choose not to. After listening to this speech, I just feel like I filled a void in my heart that I want to be filled for others. 

My aspirations in activism are inevitably rooted in history. I never like the subject as a kid, but it is essential to understand the past to make real change for our future. People with major responsibilities risked their children, spouses, and jobs for basic human rights. My gratitude just can't let me forget these heavy memories that for some people, are like a swift breeze in the wind. Maybe it is just the poet in me, but this speech's imagery and metaphors painted a euphoric picture for me. I know this may sound a little weird, but I think I felt a little bit of the pain from that time. I am blessed to not have to endure the tragedy of that era, and in no way am I comparing my problems to those of that time. I still felt some of his hurt through his words. We are not even getting to his other major accomplishments! His impact, strictly from his WORDS alone, smacked me heavy on my soul today. When he spoke of his children, I thought of my precious daughter.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of the skin but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King Jr.

As I have said before ignorance is not always bliss. I don't know about y'all, but I am trying to get "woke". Minorities are still enslaved. Police are still brutal. Racism is far from over. The fight may never end, but we still have to be brave. We cannot always be submissive! At the very least, whoever is reading this, no matter the color... you matter

Love and Light,


Precious Mammaries Classic Necklace Review

Precious Mammaries Review: 
Breast Milk Drop Classic Necklace
by @ambthegoddess

My Breastfeeding Journey

My daughter is the epitome of the word precious. She has a gentle, but magical energy. It is almost impossible for you to look at her and let the corners of your mouth sink. The mother-daughter bond is the foundation that sets the tone for our babies’ first perception of love. From singing sweet melodies to our babies in the womb to flowing liquid gold out of our bodies for their nourishment. I have always seen angelic illustrations of breastfeeding painted in the media. They have led me to believe babies latching on to the nipple was effortless. What I haven’t seen is the painful truth I, along with many other moms, have experienced. My first two weeks of breastfeeding following my baby’s birth were an absolute nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong though, I was infatuated with how our spirits bonded. The chest-to-chest connection is beyond science. However, the physical hardships brought me to tears. I kept struggling with lipstick nipple, which means my nipple would be shaped like lipstick because my baby’s latch was not deep enough. My poor nipples couldn’t handle it; they began to crack, peel, and bleed. I remember feeling like I lit my nipple on fire everytime I tried to shove it into my daughter’s mouth. She would wail and wail as I built up to strength to attempt the latch over and over. Before being a mother, I would mommy shame others in my head. I would wonder why would any mother choose formula over breast milk when it is said to be healthier for the baby and of course, FREE. Dear Formula Moms, I APOLOGIZE. I support your decision now sis. Once I went through those first two weeks of horror, I completely understood why any mom would want to quit. Breastfeeding was worse than labor for me. I was not mentally prepared for the pain at all! Every mom does not have this struggle, but in case someone reading this that can relate, just know it was all worth it for me. My baby’s latch is awesome now, and feeding is smooth sailing!

As much as we want to bury the struggle deep and far away and only be seen as supermoms, I think it is important to always view the struggle as strength. As mothers, we have to hurdle over hindrance after hindrance with grace and precision. We have to be on point all the time because the mommy shaming never stops. I don’t want to forget the special connection that happens during breastfeeding, and I definitely do not want to forget all the challenges I overcame. My goal is to be completely and utterly in love with every single part of me, even the “flaws”. Precious Mammaries has a perfect way to make our most special moments as tangible as they might get. The owner, Rachel offers a unique way to literally hold breast milk dear to our hearts via breast milk jewelry! Relax your eyebrows lol! You probably are just as confused as me when I first heard of breast milk jewelry. I’m like What in the WORLD! It is exactly how it reads; jewelry customized with your own personal breast milk.

My first worry was about the milk itself. Will it start to smell? Will it change colors? How long will I be able to wear this jewelry? The website assures us that there is an entire process that prevents the milk from discoloring, rotting, or molding when the care instructions are followed. The FAQ pages always come through for me! Click here for Precious Mammaries’s FAQ page to find the answers to any other confusion you might have.

Now let’s get into options, because breast milk jewelry isn’t the only one here. Precious Mammaries offers custom jewelry and soap made with breast milk, placenta, a lock of hair, ashes, or a combination. So obviously, this is not just for moms. Although I love simple jewelry, I know everybody has different styles. Lucky for us, Precious Mammaries offers different types of styles of jewelry that fit every attitude. My sister blogger Amiya, @flower.of.hadiqa reviewed the bubble necklace right here! She took advantage of the option to add more than DNA to your jewelry. You can add dried flowers, glitter/shimmer, metallic gravel, sea shells, ayahuasca, or silver/gold/rose gold metallic foil flakes. There are different metal options (silver/steel) and lengths. And hold on to your wigs for this one because they will get snatched, ENGRAVING! I feel like I have butterflies in my heart!


I have the pleasure of owning my own Precious Mammaries breast milk jewelry now! My Breast Milk Drop Classic Silver Necklace is made with my actual breast milk from my actual boob! Here is my honest review video:

After I ordered on their website, I got instructions on shipping my milk. I was so happy I could get my necklace from anywhere in the world, because I live in a different state from the business. Rachel was so professional and prompt even though it was the holiday season. I received my necklace super quick! As you see, I am freaking obsessed over this jewelry. Believe it or not, I felt a tear coming when I opened that box. This necklace is more than just an accessory for me; it has sentimental value! Normally, once the breast milk dries up, IT’S GONE! As long as this necklace stays in our family, it can live forever now. Everlasting love baby!

Check out Precious Mammaries’s website, www.yourbreastmilk.com or their social media @yourbreastmilk to place an order, find more information, or even show some love. Whenever you’re ready to place that order, don’t forget to use our special discount code ‘karminity’ for 10% off your purchase!

Love and Light,


Disclosure: Karminity received product mentioned above in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, we only recommend products that we agree with and feel would benefit our readers. Our opinions are our own and may be different than yours. For more information please read the full Disclosure Policy.

Precious Mammaries Bubble Necklace Review

I was introduced to breastmilk jewelry through Instagram and decided to reach out to the owner of Precious Mammaries. Through my trials and triumphs of breastfeeding, having a keepsake to remind me every day of how precious and beautiful breastmilk and the act of breastfeeding is....

Some of you already know what breast milk jewelry is, while some of you are just as curious as I was when I was just finding out about it, last year. If you have ever breastfed, you know how much of a journey breastfeeding is. This piece of jewelry is a great way to pay homage to everything you've endured while breastfeeding.

We honor all mothers and mother figures, no matter how they choose to feed their children, whether through formula, wet-nursing, milk donations... etc. Every parent's bond with their children is special, which is why Precious Mammaries offers many keepsake options to be included in their jewelry and soaps like locks of hair, placenta, umbilical cord, and even ashes.

"Breast milk jewelry is for mothers who value their breastfeeding journey, whether they are currently nursing or pumping or about to wean."
                                                             -Precious Mammaries

Amiya + Aidyn 

 Bubble Necklace

Hey everyone! It's Amiya, one of the Karminity mothers on our blog. If you all have read my other post, you'll know that I have a little boy named Aidyn and he was born August of 2018. Directly after I gave birth to him, he was laid on my chest and my mom prompted me to try and breastfeed him. With my weak and achy arms I put his mouth by my nipple and he latched on right away. I wished it was that easy for the following days, as I struggled to get him to latch on. I tried sooo many different ways and even had the lactation consultant try and help. Of course, he latched on when the lactation consultant or my mom would put him on my breast but as soon as they left, it continued to prove to be a difficult task for me. Eventually, I would grasp the concept of him latching on but I would be faced with new challenges such as milk supply and raw, chaffing nipples.

Through all the lows of breastfeeding, am I able to appreciate the opportunity that much more. Every doctors appointment, I acknowledge how much Aidyn grows and how healthy he is. Having this necklace from Precious Mammaries DOES pay homage to the journey of breastfeeding, all the highs, all the lows, and all in between. The biggest way I bond with Aidyn is through breastfeeding and when it is time for him to wean, it'll be a sad experience (probably for just me as Aidyn will be more than delighted to eat more solid foods).

This necklace will always hold the personal experiences shared between me and my baby. If I chose to have more kids, then I would look forward to purchasing more of Precious Mammaries jewelry to honor every venture with each child. A ring for my next child. A bracelet for the next. Earrings for the next.

The piece of jewelry I chose from Precious Mammaries website is the Bubble Necklace. I placed my order on the website and followed the instruction on how I would send my breast milk.

It was an easy and quick process. I received the jewelry back in the mail and the packaging was beautiful (view jewelry unboxing in the video below). The necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! A sterling silver pendant and the breast milk I sent it inside with an 18" stainless steel chain. To make the necklace even more personal, I added orange and blue dried flower to represent my favorite colors. These also happen to be the the colors of Aidyn's nursery. On the back of the necklace, I was offered the additional step of adding Aidyn's initials engraved.

I hadn't known of breast milk jewelry before finding out about it December of last year and after receiving my very own jewelry piece. I am very proud of everything I went through and to have this keepsake necklace to commemorate my breastfeeding journey and experiences even when he weans.

Even for mothers and parents who no longer breastfeed or have chosen not to breastfeed, or are well past the years of breastfeeding, Precious Mammaries has taken special care not to exclude them either. I appreciate this so much, especially since Karminity is a firm believer and supporter of mother and parent choice on the best option to feed THEIR young ones. Our choice, is not everyone's choice and we fully support parenting choices to formula feed, breastfeed, wet-nurse, donation milk, supplemental feeding, early weaning, late weaning or whatever option you choose for YOUR child. Precious Mammaries is aware of their audience and customer, so as a company that supports DNA keepsakes, they offer the opportunity to add in placenta, locks of hair, or even ashes to their product. If you do not see something listed on their site, the owner is so easy to get in touch with and totally responsive to their customers, you can contact them directly to make a request. Karminity blog is very appreciative of being able to review two styles of necklaces from Precious Mammaries. You can also check out @ambthegoddess review on the Classic Drop Breast milk necklace here.

You can see our VIDEO review of Precious Mammaries below. We hope you ENJOY!

About Precious Mammaries:
Image result for precious mammaries
"Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from your DNA. Depending on what you choose to use-whether it be breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes, or a combo, we can use these in our jewelry making to bring you the most unique keepsake you will ever own."

 Precious Mammaries was the dream of owner Rachel Le' Char after becoming pregnant with her baby girl, when she began to have aspirations of jewelry making. Because of her love of all things natural and through her own personal breastfeeding journeys, she was inspired to want to use organic materials and help capture the short-range experience of breastfeeding for every mother.

From Rachel: "This unique feeling of oneness with our babies by being their sole food source sadly doesn’t last forever. It’s my hope that these Precious Mammaries will stay with us with breast milk keepsakes made especially from our own milk."

Precious Mammaries is Made in the USA and Ships Worldwide.

Visit Precious Mammaries on their Social Media Sites below 
Instagram:   @yourbreastmilk 
Twitter:       @yourbreastmilk
Facebook:   @yourbreastmilk

Get Your Own Personal Breastmilk Jewelry at Precious Mammaries

We have the honor of offering Karminity readers a coupon code! You can also enjoy 10% off of your purchase, by using our special coupon code below on Precious Mammaries' site:

Coupon Code: "Karminity"

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Young, Ignorant, and Voting?

Young, Ignorant, and Voting?

Ignorance is bliss. I am struggling to find the bliss in voting for people who will have control over major aspects of my life without even knowing what they stand for. I hope you all have familiarity with our voting rights timeline. We can never forget how some of us could not vote solely because of our color or gender! People put their lives on the line to give more of us this constitutional right. Women and people of color were stripped of this power giving us input in our leadership and policy. It boils my water to know that people who have zero cares to give think their vote makes absolutely no difference. To be fair, I was one of those people. Honestly, I have not taken advantage of this right; it’s fair to say I even abuse it. I am on this Earth to evolve though! I want to make our ancestors proud and show them they did not fight for anything! I choose to commit to politics to make sure my voice is heard. I challenge anyone else struggling to utilize their role in politics to hop on board.

As an adolescent, I remember telling anyone who cared enough to ask that I did not want to vote. I simply felt like it would not matter because the people in office had all the control. Some democracy huh? Then I started to get some sense, and my perspective shifted. As a teenager, I decided I would only vote if I knew what I was voting for. I failed to honor that desire as I did what many do but few admit. I started voting for the democratic party because it seemed obvious that's who cares the most about black people. YIKES, this is definitely not my proudest confession. However, I do take pride in my journey as a young, black voter.

(***To be clear, this does not mean I will become a Republican. This is not to express my political opinions. I am strictly encouraging people to educate themselves.***)

In 2012, the presidential election was the topic of everyone’s conversation at Ohio University. I was fresh meat on campus trying to find my niche. I was desperate to vote for someone with brown skin like mine. I wanted to be a part of history. I dreamed of telling my future children that I got to vote for this man! Unfortunately, that dream didn’t go far, because I did not turn eighteen until the following month! Devastated, I watched from the sidelines as the team all my loved ones rooted for crashed through the finish line for the W!

Fast forward to 2016, and I became voting age! The media was saturated with election information. I skimmed it like fine print; I already knew who I had to vote for! Naively, I did not even vote in the primaries! I had no clue about the primaries until it was too late! You could probably smell the pungent scent of ignorance as I walked down the street. I only ever heard of one voting day, and that was the day I always got to miss school growing up. The first Tuesday of November. Until 2016, this day meant absolutely nothing to me except a free day! I saw a post on extremely not-so credible social media that illustrated a chart organizing the views of the Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates. According to this non-validated post, I felt like my views were most aligned with a candidate that I had not even heard about. I was torn between the candidate I agree the most with (based off of Instagram) and the candidate who is more likely to beat the candidate I loathed. Hey, I made my vote count by voting for the candidate more likely to win. I wanted my voice to be heard. I guess that’s really what politics is about... being heard.

In 2018, when I asked myself what is my purpose, the answer in my heart is social activism. There are basic human rights that are still being violated TO THIS DAY! I am confident I have the leadership qualities to make some necessary changes. Not only for myself, but for my peers and especially my daughter. How will I be able to refer to myself as a social activist, when I am completely in the dark about the turmoil in our government? Sounds like hypocrisy, to be honest. I won't be perfect, and I definitely will not always have the facts straight. I will, however, make a genuine effort to fight for injustice. I had never really paid attention to mid-term elections before. With all the celebrities on social media encouraging young people to vote, I knew I had to cast my ballot. I am ashamed to say that if it were not for a Michelle Obama text, I still probably would not have voted. Basically, I would have just been too lazy. In all actuality, the voting process was easier than going grocery shopping. I was in and out! Only problem was I forgot to do any research. I literally voted for one party and if there was not a party under a name I skipped it. I briefly read over the issues and tried to bubble in what looked best. I might as well have voted blindfolded.

I am sharing this transparency with readers, because I know I am not alone. In my experience, my friends are just as ignorant as me. It appears that too many of us only have that basic government knowledge from grade school (three branches and their components) and what social media feeds us. I am challenging everyone to join me in correcting this dangerous behavior.

Some responsibilities have to be enforced on our own. I am going to start attending more meetings at city hall and writing letters to my councilmen (including women)!!! I am going to start paying more attention to the news. I will listen to debates and speeches. I will use other online sources because Instagram and Twitter not cutting it! (We are not even going to dive into what is being said on the news about the Russian's influence on social media!) Click here for a link to Essence's 10 Best Voting Tools for Millennials. I don't plan on shoving it down my friend's throats, but I will be starting healthy debates to spread this information. I will also participate in every single election (not just presidential) with prior research on the candidates and issues. Now that it's out here, I have no choice but to hold myself accountable!

If you have any other suggestions or comments in general, feel free to leave them and expect no judgment!

Love and Light,


Hate Release Ceremony

Hate Release Ceremony

Releasing Negativity Before the New Year

Many people know me for my positive vibes, because I normally keep a smile painted across my face. I find joy in the minuscule and normally overlooked details of life. I take pride in being an empath, although a blessing and curse at times. Even the sunniest of days have shadows lurking around. We all have memories that are drenched in embarrassment, regret, or a combination. If you have experienced these memories, you may have confronted them in the moment and moved on. However, I am sure some of you are like me, burying them deep in the back of my brain and praying they will disappear as if they never happened. These memories may not be tangible, but they bare tremendous weight. This negativity is just way too heavy, and I refuse to bring all this weight into 2019!

Back in 2016, someone purposefully vandalized my precious new car. Over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of damage. In the moment, my attitude remained calm, cool, and collective. I did not want this person to have any power over me. I got my car fixed, but I never let go of the anger.  For the past two years, any time my mind went back to this painful memory, I played out all my ways of revenge. I'm talking painful and carefully planned out. Instead of handling this situation with confrontation, I decided to create my own way to heal.

One of my best friends and I orchestrated the first (of many) Hate Release Ceremonies! To combat my unhealthy grip on hateful memories, I symbolically burned them away as I literally set a letter on fire. This handwritten letter expressed all my repressed emotions regarding some low points of my life. We read our letters and set them a flame with other tokens connected to the memories. We gazed at the reds and yellows of a new inner peace.

My friend and I howled into the purples and blues of the night. I felt like my gratitude reached deep into the stars. I walked away from those ashes feeling so much lighter. I really felt the impact of what took place in that ceremony. I am sure the future holds many embarrassing moments that will need to be cleansed from spirit. I plan on holding this ceremony with my friends as many times as needed whenever needed. If anybody else is thinking about trying this for yourselves, please comment any ideas on improving the ceremony.

Love and Light,


Love Me, Crazy Book Review

Book: Love Me Crazy
Author: Laura Burton
Type: Kindle eBook edition

             I want to first thank the author Laura Burton for giving me the opportunity to read her book Love Me, Crazy. As stated on the book cover, it is DEFINITELY a love story to die for. Throughout the book I almost couldn't contain my emotions! I cried and I laughed. I was shocked and dismayed and also fell in love. The characters were interesting and easy to follow. I could relate to them and what was happening in their lives. Love Me, Crazy was so hard to put down it took me all of ONE DAY to finish the book completely. I'll definitely will be getting a personal copy of the Love Me, Crazy to have on my own bookshelf.

Now lets actually get into the juicy details. I was so shocked in the beginning. I was on that emotional roller coaster with Dee when she was stuck between two guys she wanted but she happened to want Mr  "Blue Eyes" more. She had a connection with him that was unexplainable but I believe every woman has been through in her life. As a reader I couldn't not connect with Dee. You know how you find that perfect show, that you can just see yourself and your life in. It was that way with the Novel

I don't want to give to many details on Love Me, Crazy but True love is a force to be reckon with. So when you find it, you know.

If you are into Romantic roller coaster novels. I really think you should go ahead and order your copy of Love Me, Crazy by Laura Burton. I'll add the link above to the picture and you can get yourself a copy. I swear to you, you'll be on an emotional roller coaster yourself.

About the Love Me Crazy Book: 

School teacher Audrey … is a young, innocent romantic looking for Mr Right. A chance encounter with the charmingly charismatic Tom AND the handsome and brooding Jack on the same day suddenly leaves her seemingly spoilt for choice.

But then a single kiss turns a pleasing quandary into a troubling dilemma. As her feelings for the two men begin to grow, it becomes clear that one of them is not quite what they appear and love quickly turns to obsession. Can she see the truth before it is too late?

This exciting romantic thriller will take you on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, but will Audrey find the one, or will love be the death of her?


This is a clean, easy-to-read romantic novella based in the beautiful city Bristol, UK. It is for anyone wanting to curl up on the sofa and get stuck into a love story like no other! With twists and turns at every corner, you'll struggle to put it down.

First part of the "Love Me," Series, which is a collection of clean, romantic fiction for adults.

P.S: I spoke with the author personally and she is AMAZING. She replied back to me as soon as I message her and she is so friendly. Thank you again Laura. It was a great read.

If you read happen to purchase a copy of Love Me, Crazy or you've already read it we would love to hear your views. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


Day 1: Yoga with Amber


YOGA with Amber


Every time someone expresses a problem in their life, nine times out of ten I am responding, "There's yoga for that!" Trust me, I'm hip to the yoga magic! Pretty much every single goals list and to-do list I make has yoga and meditate on there! However, I never really commit. Just add this to the long list of non-commitment by Amber! I know in order to see the best results, I have to do yoga routinely! Well I know you all see a lot of bomb yogis with bomb yoga videos. I am just starting out with the basics though, so beginners like me can be encouraged a little more! Basically you are about to see the "Before" before the "After" lol.

My yoga journey is starting off with four goals:


As you will see in the video, I can't even touch my toes without bending my knees! I was a HUGE student-athlete for most of my life. My coaches never understood why I wasn't flexible. I stretched every day and still struggled. I always wanted to be flexible, because there was always a gracefulness to it. My ultimate goal is to do a split!


You may not be able to tell (I sped the video up to avoid boring you to death), but my knees buckled a little lol. I have barely worked out in years. I am definitely out of shape. First step is admitting my problem right? LOL! I can seriously barely do a push-up now. I've always been innately strong, but that might have something to do with my 5'9" 160 lbs frame! I can't wait for yoga to get me right!


I am one of those people who are constantly obsessing over a long list of fears. I just so happen to fear almost everything that can happen to the body as it transforms into "elderly form". The idea of me having a hunchback haunts me!!! I always catch myself slouching; I try to correct it immediately. My back could use some work though. I really hope yoga can undo any damage already done.


I struggle big time with depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is one of my favorite coping skills! Yoga keeps my mind in the presence where I struggle to keep it. Since I am not advanced to lead my own yoga yet, I use YouTube videos as a guide. (I always go at my own pace though.) This time I searched "yoga for depression and anxiety" and chose a Yoga with Adriene video! I feel more at peace after just fifteen minutes! I can only imagine the effects after I discipline myself to consistent yoga!

Welp here's Day 1:

Nothing fancy! You get to see the real though! Bantu knots, no make-up and all (with an occasional mommy stretch mark and nip slip somewhere in there too lol)! I'm really trying to stretch this new mom excuse (even though it's almost been five months), so cut me some slack please! 

***Definitely wanted one of my tapestries in the back with some candles going for the vibe. I'm fully aware this isn't aesthetically pleasing! Once my baby fell asleep, I just knew I had to start while I had the chance! It is what it is!***

Keep checking for updates.

Love and Light,